High Scoring Week in League Action

Well the scores are in from Monday evening’s games and have been duly entered on the results page with links to the individual scorecards.

scoresIn the game between team Muir and Team Locke, Team Muir were against it right from the start as they faced a 3 shot penalty due to only having three players.  Alaister’s team started by eating into the penalty by taking the opening end by one shot but the next four ends went to Douglas’s team to see them leading by 7-1.  Glenn Nash has advised that there was an incident towards the end of the first end with the two skips interfering with each other in the head during the game.  he doesn’t go into any more detail other than to blame Alaister for starting it!  Margaret Dempster was on good form for Team Muir with several impressive take outs but it was not enough to stop Team Locke claiming an overall 11-2 victory. Alaister was also named as giving an impressive display of canoeing on ice during the game.  I’m not quite sure where that sits in the rules or if the team accompanied him on the journey!
Eleanor has advised regarding the game between Team Stewart and Team Fleming:-
Team Stewart, in Robbie’s absence faltered against an impressive Team Fleming. We snatched a single shot in the second end when Jock was lying 4 (or was it 5? I was in shock and couldn’t count that high) but Jock recovered and took 5 in the third end. Sheila Locke was a formidable Lead and Margaret Macaulay and Eleanor nearly came to blows when Margaret consistently removed Eleanor’s stones!
blowsAnother great stone by Tony in the 4th end snatched a much needed 3 stones, but we could not build on this and Jock took 4 stones in end 5.

We now have a two week gap before the final league meetings of the first half of the league campaign with Team Stewart facing Team Muir whilst Team Locke will take on Team Cameron.


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Wills Record Close Win Over Jolly

I’m still awaiting scorecards from Eleanor for Monday night together with a couple of match reports but as Rodger Burnett was kind enough to send though a report on Team Jolly v Team Wills as soon as he got in on Monday evening it would be a shame not to share it!

In a very tight match of 6 halves it came down to the last stone (I called it a tight match not good enough to be called a thriller).

thriller(I’m not quite sure red is Rodgers colour!)

Both teams were at full strength and it was looking good for Team Jolly in the first end with a barrel load of stones counting until George played a very good shot to cut it to one. The chance was still on for Drew to take out George’s stone and have a good lead but it was not to be and Team Jolly had to settle for a single.

stonesEnd 2 was the reverse of end one with Team Wills taking a two. The next two ends were singles for team Jolly but could or should have gone the other way. End 5 was swinging back to Team Wills and with their backs to the wall Team Jolly managed to prevent Team Wills scoring more than a single so it was a massively high scoring 3-3 after 5 ends.

End six saw Drew change tactics which did not come off and after 4 stones team Wills were lying 2. The pressure was mounting on Team Jolly as Team Wills were lying 3 but Laurie managed to cut it back to one. After a good attempt by Drew on his first stone which fell just short, it was down to the final stones. I’m not really too sure what George did as I was not watching but the chance was there for Drew to steal the match but he didn’t so it ended with a 4-3 victory to Team Wills.

Report came to a sudden end as it was getting late and I was losing the will to live.
Many thanks to Rodger for the report!

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Team Wills Off the Mark

There were only two league matches on ice on Monday evening and a plethora of guests and subs playing with the final scores going right down to the end of play on both rinks.

Jim Naismith was once again at skip for Team Fleming as they faced Team Wills. Both teams met with the same track record to date null punts and it was to be a real defining moment for both teams.  The game itself was inspirational, but only in a few glittering moments, with some fantastic shots from Margaret who threaded her way through two guard stones to remove the oppositions stone from the button….

glitterstone…and also from George who delivered some fabulously accurate final stones.
The remainder of the game mostly comprised of skips calling for guards which resulted in stones in the house, or precision draws ending up as guards or through the house. The number of players coming off the hack with a disgruntled comment was considerable, yours truly (Martin) possibly setting the standard but why everyone else chose to follow will remain a mystery. It certainly was a night in which it didn’t come together.
Team Fleming took an early lead going 2 up in the first two ends but Team Wills then gathered momentum to go a strong 6 – 2 ahead going into the last end. At this point team Wills collapsed leaving 3 opposition stones in the house and counting. Team Wills appeared incapable of placing a stone in the house making the final end a very nervy affair. Fortunately for team Wills the final end result was a 3 for team Fleming. All of which produced the first win of the season for team Wills 6-5. It wasn’t a convincing win, it wasn’t pretty and I suspect it was a very difficult night for both teams and one to move on from. (report courtesy of Martin Isbister)

On rink 3, the other game between Teams Muir and Cameron was a close affair as George Elliott writes:
We had one sub for Team Muir with Margaret D off swanning about abroad!
We had Rebecca subbing. Team Cameron had Sheila as skip with two competent subs being Eleanor and Roy.  After a bit of pokelling,it was decided by El Presidente that it was unfair for Anne to be made up to third and she should be left as lead!  The next committee disciplinary meeting should be interesting!
After a very tight game, with the lead going back and forth, Rebecca tried to do an ice skating manoeuvre resulting in the splits whilst sweeping! As it was the second last end off she went for an early bath with a groin strain. (Webmaster note: Despite suggestions I declined to put in a lady in a bath image here!)

After being very consistent all night Bill Bishop tried to kill George with his last three stones being so light that they almost never left the slide out hack, maybe some poetic licence used there! It was up to Eleanor and Sheila to steal a peel…..but as the ice was slowing down – don’t we just love the changes at 20 00 hours at Braehead – all shots were shy. Alistair had to shoot of for his dinner(wife called and said ‘yer teas oot!’ ), Sheila was going too. The rest of us just had a quick drink and sorted out the world problems, so if you have had a nice week…..it was all down the our after game Harmony.

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Keir Kettle Uncertainty

There is a little bit of uncertainty as to whether the Keir Kettle matches, scheduled for 22nd of this month at The Peak in Stirling, will go ahead as planned.

This season the challenge is due to be played at Keir Curling Club’s home rink which is at The Peak in Stirling (and is due to feature a face in their side that may be familiar to some as Judith McFarlane – ex Braehead CDO – was due to play for them).

However the ice hall was suddenly and very unexpectedly shut after play last Tuesday amid safety concerns raised by structural engineers.  Details are very sparse at the moment although other clubs who play at Stuirling are not expecting to be back on ice there this month.  Some have arranged ice elsewhere and this may be the case for the Keir match but it is very much a case of ‘wait and see’ for the moment so watch the website and look out for the Secretary’s advices.

I confess I was on ice playing at the Peak last Tuesday when there were inspections going on but would like to confirm I did NOT fall so any cracks are not due to me landing on my backside!

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First Small Clubs League Match Ends in Defeat

Cawder House were in action in the Small Clubs League at Braehead on Friday night for the first time.

Up against an experienced Forrest Hills team, Cawder House were skipped by Robbie Stewart with Rodger Burnett, Donna Elliott and Madeleine Sharp making up the quartet.

It was to be one of those nights however when nothing would go right and although they battled to the last Cawder House went down by 8-3.

The next small clubs league match is scheduled for 7th November.

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Team Jolly Suffer First Defeat

All teams have now faced defeat after Team Jolly lost out to Team Stewart on Monday night whilst Teams Muir and Locke recorded victories over Teams Wills and Fleming respectively.

Over on rink 5, Team Jolly were up against it from the start with a 3 shot deficit when Drew failed to show and no sub had been arranged.  The 3 man team Jolly had to take on a full strength Team Stewart with skip Robbie and lead Carol back from their holidays (different location I believe).
Robbie’s first game of the season ended in a 8-2 win (5-2 and 3 points for opponents only having three men, but if it was up to Roy Team D would have been giving the 3 points due to having a handicap!) The three members of Team D all moved up one with Laurie playing skip for the holidaying Drew. It was anything but a holiday for three remaining team mates who managed to take a 2 at the first end but it was an uphill struggle after that (which is not easy on a sheet of ice which seemed to be playing uphill both ways). End two was a big one for team Stewart as Robbie played a very good shot to turn round what could have been a 4 or 5 to team Jolly with his last shot to take a single. The next four ends finished with a single for Team A but they could have gone either way. (report courtesy of Rodger Burnett)

The game between Team Muir and Team Wills was a very close affair. Graham had a great game, with some stunning draws and guards. George Wills had a superb inch perfect draw to steal a 1! Bill, George and Madeline had a slow start and then came on to a game, with some stunning shots…..but the best was Alastair who got his team out of trouble a few times. Last end was so tight with 8 stones in the middle rings on the button, the lead changed many times with a cracking split of stones by George Elliott. (Only good shot all night) All good work was almost undone with the last stone….was it to be a peel or would team Muir win by two shots? Well George Willis had a cracking shot that was millimetres away from shot with something that Ray Rearden would have be happy at billiards! (report courtesy of George Elliott)

ray reardonOn rink 7, Team Fleming were also without their skip as they faced Team Locke but were able to draft in a very late replacement to make up their compliment of 4 after Ann Campbell has mistakenly turned up thinking Team E were playing. In a game that was perhaps closer than the scoreline suggests all 8 players had their turn at playing good shots, one end in particular Linda and John were trading excellent shots with Ann and Jonathan – just when you thought one shot was superb along would come the next one to beat it.  Douglas was able to use his experience to call important shots at important times however meaning that his team were able to claim singles in 4 of the 5 opening ends.  The defining moment however really came in end 6 when Linda and John were able to put in excellent stones with Team Fleming’s guard shot coming up short and an attempted take out just failing to hit target.  It meant that skip for the night Jim Naismith was up against it but he made a valiant effort to come back with his first stone of the end after Douglas had effectively put up the barricades across the front of the house to lie three.

Jim’s stone fell short and Douglas rightly over rules his thirds suggestion of playing another guard to draw into the house and tap a fourth stone in to count.  Jim again made a good try and finding a way in but was unable to do so, giving Team Locke 4 shots for the end.

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Players Needed for Friday

It’s short notice but this Friday sees Cawder House play their first game in the small clubs league this Friday at 19.50pm and Eleanor is looking for the names of those who are available and willing to play.

club needs youThe opposition isn’t known at present but it is a good chance to mix with and play against players you wouldn’t normally play with.

If you are interested, please e-mail Eleanor as soon as possible or speak to her during this evening’s game.

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