Team Jolly Lead the Way

With the season now well underway and most teams now at full strength, Team Jolly tonight continued their winning ways and cemented their early reputation as the team everyone will be gunning for.  Elsewhere, we had a novice take part in his first game and do very well and a player at the wrong venue in another fun night at Braehead.

all darkOn rink 3, both teams were at full strength with Laurie back from illness and Jim back from holiday. Team Jolly got the best of the first end with a 3 and team Jock getting a single in the second. The game could have been over in end three but two good stones from Jock kept it to a 2 for team Jolly. End four the fight back was on and it was beginning to look like team Jolly had peaked too early, but under pressure team Jolly took a single to go 6- 1 up. End 5 saw heavy pressure again from team Fleming and again it took some good shots from Laurie and Drew to keep it to a 2 for Jock. Team Fleming had the better of end 6 but again team Jolly some how managed to take a single to had a good lead going into end seven. More pressure came from team Fleming with all team members playing good shots and at one stage it looked like Jocks team could get the five needed to win but again some good, if lucky, shots from Laurie and Drew had reduced the end to Jock lying 2. With one stone to go Jock needed to pull something out the bag. With two lying and two other stones in the house, the Jolly team were sitting third stone and the shot was on for Jock but luckily for team Drew a very good attempt fell just short of the target and the final score was 7-5 to team Jolly. Who knows how long the Jolly teams luck will last. (Many thanks to Rodger Burnett for the detailed report on this game).

On rink 4, Team Stewart faced up to Team Cameron although with both skips missing from the night’s action it was left to  Eleanor McDougall and Glenn Nash to lead their respective teams.  We also had the debut this evening of Gregor Lumsden, who was called on at the last minute to step in to Team Stewart.  Having never thrown a stone before, he had a quick five minute lesson from stand in third Gordon Whitelaw before taking to the ice for real and playing an impressive part in the game.  The early stages of the game were nip and tuck, team Cameron taking a single in the opening end.  However with Eleanor and Gordon in excellent form for Team Stewart they hit back with a single before stealing a 2 in the third end.   The fourth end has to be noted for the Great Wall of China built up in the front of the house!  With one solitary shot in a counting position, just about every other shot was out front leaving Glenn an impossible task with his final shot.  He and Sheila discussed options at length and made a valiant attempt to find a way in but it was not to be and Team Stewart took another single.  The pattern continued in the next end and although Team Cameron managed to get a single in the final end it was too little too late as Team Stewart turned out deserving winners. there did seem to be a little confusion about post match etiquette in the bar afterwards – err Glenn and Eleanor, you don’t swap shirts in curling! (trust me, you don’t want to know what was *really* happening!)

shirtswap In the final game of the evening on rink 2, Team Wills had to start one player down with their skip at the wrong rink for the 6pm start! Graham Phillips stood in until George arrived and guided his team to a single in the opening end.  With Madeleine Sharp playing excellent lead stones and Martin Isbister demonstrating his new ‘Tom Brewster style’ slide and Graham himself playing an excellent draw shot they doubled their lead with another single in end 2.  Team Locke hit back however in end 3 thanks to an excellent in-off shot from Douglas Locke to score 3.  End 4 was to see Team Locke hit another 3, Douglas slightly overhitting a draw in with his final shot but a little luck saw his stone tap on to one of the opposition stones at the rear of the rink and nudging it back, leaving Team Locke lying 3.  George attempted the take out but was just to miss.  Any thoughts that Team Locke had of being comfortable were quickly dispelled however.  Good set up play from Madeleine, Martin and Graham saw Team Wills lie comfortably two shots with another two in the house and only one solitary stone for Team Locke to counter but lying in a very exposed position.  Douglas was unable to set up the guard leaving George with a take out for a potential four.  His shot had perfect line, taking the Team Locke stone out, but rolled just too far, coming out of the house and he had to settle for a 3 to bring his team right back into it. An unfortunate tap through on one of their own stones in the final end left Team Wills up against it and with Team Locke putting stones in the front of the house, things looked bleak for team Wills as the skips came up to play their shots. George pulled an excellent shot out of the bag to go in off one of the Team Locke stones and lie shot.  The initial idea was for Douglas to take out the counting stone although the gap was narrow and as the stone curled more than expected, plan B was called for and his shot promoted a front guard which hit George’s shot to the back of the house and Team Locke were lying 2.  George attempted the takeout but his shot lost its handle at the worst possible time.  With his third suggesting burning the last stone, Douglas elected to play the draw shot and got his reward for doing so when he nudged a stone in to the front of house to finish on a three.

The next league action is next Monday at the later time of 19.50 although Cawder House will have a presence at the celebratory bonspiel at Stirling on Wednesday for the 150th Anniversary of the Central Scotland Province

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Small Clubs League

The dates and times of the Small Clubs League games have been added to the fixtures list.

small clubs1Just a reminder to members that Eleanor is looking for the names of those interested in being part of the squad for these games.  There are only 7 games throughout the season and you don’t have to be available for all – even if you just want to put your name down for one or two let Eleanor know.

The Small Clubs League is, as the name suggests, a chance for smaller clubs to play games against each other in a round robin league format and for members to socialise with each other.

Full details on the league can be found here.

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Close Game Ends in Jolly Win

Thursday 25 09 14, Team  Drew Jolly (Roger, Roy, sub Rebecca) Vs Team Glen Nash (Sheila, subs Martin, Madeleine) score: 5 shots to 4

Report courtesy of Martin Isbister

Overall this game could have easily gone either way as all players were delivering some exceptional stones for much of the game each matching stone for stone, and some excellent take out shots notably from Sheila. Both skips were throwing some fantastic final stones and had the sweepers picked up Glens final stone of the last end earlier or if Glen had had porridge for breakfast then it could have been a well deserved draw.

Glenn breakfastRoy was consistently delivering right on the button and exactly where his skip was requesting, really awesome Roy , if it had been a Turkey shoot we know where all the prizes would ended up.

Some of the early order players were occasionally putting a new definition into where the guard zone should be ie around the hack which led to some amusement and frustration (it’s good to let it out , don’t keep it bottled up).

Drew threaded at least on two occasions, final end stones through what seemed to be an impossible passage of guard stones to land the winning stone. We believe that Drew had some pixie dust in his broom on the night, how he threaded them through the gaps we still don’t know. Whatever it was it worked (awesome to watch but slightly bitter sweet when your 3 up on that particular end).
Apart from the above the overall difference between the teams was that for team Jolly their fall-back game plans B, C and D (and sometimes where there was no plan) played out to give a better outcome. When you consider the evening it was an excellent and exciting evenings curling for all involved.


Many thanks to Martin for the excellent report above. Unfortunately I have been unable to get a report on the other game played on Thursday evening between Team Muir and Team Fleming other than knowing Team Muir ended up convincing winners by 8-1

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22nd September Catchup

Firstly, apologies for not having this up earlier – circumstances outwith my control!

Team Wills were the final team to get their league season underway as they took to the ice facing Team Cameron who still had Glenn Nash at the helm with Jack being on holiday. After a cagey first end where team Cameron scored 2 (for some it was their first delivery of the season) , Team Wills hit back to take a single in the second end. Team Cameron then settled in and confidently won the next two ends moving to a commanding 4 point lead.  However in end 5, Team Cameron struggled with ice conditions and with no lead stones in play were left up against it.  Team Wills took full advantage and piled on the pressure scoring a healthy 3 shots, Glenn Nash admitting to being somewhat relieved that it was not more. It set the game up for a hotly contested final end when Sheila Locke, who had played well and provided invaluable skip back up all evening, played two excellent stones, one of which buried in behind a wall of stones to lie shot.  George Wills had an extremely difficult shot which only narrowly missed its target, leaving Glenn Nash to burn his final stone to take the game by 6-4.

fire1Over on rink 6, with Team Jolly third Laurie Hunter being unavailable due to ill-health, George Reid stood in at lead with Roy Greer and Rodger Burnett moved up position to second and third against a full strength Team Muir. The game started with team Muir taking one in the first end and team Jolly taking a 2 in the second. The third and fourth ends looked like team Muir were going to score heavily but some well-played take outs by team Jolly kept the scoring down to a single in both ends for team Muir. There was a turn of fortune in the fifth end for team Jolly when some well-played shots secured a 3 to take a two point lead. End 6 looked like it could be swinging back in team Muir’s favour but yet again some well played take outs kept it to a single for team Muir again. End 7 was nip and tuck and again it looked like team Muir were going to sneak the end but again team Jolly managed to pull it out the bag and with a stroke of well planned luck managing to take a single to secure the win.
rabbithatIn the final game over on rink 7, there was a welcome return – probably for the last time – for Jen Gamboa who came in as a guest replacement for skip Robbie Stewart whilst Hugh Mackinnon came in for Carol Lawrence.  Team Locke also called on George Barron again to fill in for Linda Naismith. The game was to be a very close affair, Tony skipping well for Team Stewart and Jen playing some shots from second that were to put a lot of pressure on Team Locke.  For the majority of the game the teams were trading single shots with Team Locke playing catch up until the 5th end when a superb shot from John Young just sneaked into the house to draw onto the button and lie well guarded.  It looked as though Team Stewart were going to hit back with a potential 3 in end 6 but the shot of the evening from Douglas Locke saw him play a superb take out and lie on the stone nearest the button.  Tony made a valiant attempt to follow suit but it was not to be and team Locke took a 3 shot lead into the final end.  They were made to fight all the way however.  Tony called some good shots in the final end with Jen Gamboa again playing stones that left Team Locke in trouble.  There was to be a little respite however for Team Locke when Team Stewart chose to try to guard their two shots rather than go for the third needed with Tony’s first stone. Tony’s final shot was a tough one to try to draw in for a third counter to draw the game but it fell short and Team Locke were relieved to come out single shot winners in what was a very close game.

Scorecards can be found by clicking the relevant links on the results page.

Many thanks to Martin Isbister, Glenn Nash and Rodger Burnett for providing the excellent information for this report!  Nice work guys – you are now hired!


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New Member and Team Changes

Following on from last Monday night’s opening league games, we have a new member to welcome to Cawder House.

Madeleine Sharp stepped in last week for Ann Campbell who was unavailable and she has since joined us. She will be stepping into Team G in place of Craig Millar who is no longer able to join us.  The Reverse League will see Madeleine slot in to Team d.

WelcomeWith Madeleine joining us it means that Cawder House now has all four members of last years National Virtual Bonspiel winning team in their ranks either as full members or as a reserve.

The team lists and contact details have now been updated.

Welcome aboard Madeleine!

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Ryder Cup Curling

We have a few golfers amongst the curlers at Cawder House who will no doubt be looking forward to next week’s Ryder Cup.  This video may appeal to them – and one or two non golfers too!

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And We’re Off……

Well the cobwebs are dusted off and no doubt a few of us are feeling the after effects but the Cawder House League season got underway last night with 6 of the 7 teams in action.

On rink two, teams A and B faced up although there were a few changes to their line ups with both skips missing along with Team B’s lead.  It meant Tony Mitchell and George Elliott stepping up to take on the skip duties, Martin Isbister stepping in from Team G to help out Team A whilst Paul Taylor and Rene Murray came in to Team B.  In a close game, there were a number of good performances with Renee Murray and Margaret Dempster showing they had reaped the benefits of attending the improvers curling course at the weekend.  Tony was unlucky in the final end after a very good attempt at a comeback but Team B, with George Elliott complaining he was cold(!), kept them to just one shot to win the game by 5-4.

The only fully complete team took to the ice on sheet 3 with Drew Jolly’s rink taking on Douglas Locke.  Team Locke were missing John Young and Linda Naismith and had called on the help of two virtual club members, George Barron and Rebecca Sellars.  Both played well and it is hard to believe that they have only been on ice a handful of times since taking advantage of the post Olympic Come Try Sessions at the end of last season. In the opening couple of ends Team Locke were well and truly scuppered by excellent shots from Rodger Burnett who was in excellent form, playing shots that left the opposition very little chance of  scoring.  The third end saw a superb inch perfect last stone draw by Douglas Locke however to finally get Team C on the board but with third Kirstie Meikle then deciding to have a nightmare last 3 ends and Team Jolly playing solid throughout, the final score saw another one shot victory, this time by 4-3, to Team Jolly.

The final game on sheet 4 will go down as the Secret Game as no one seems to be disclosing what happened!  both teams ended up playing with just three players, one sub on each team.  Both skips were missing and Madeleine Sharp from last seasons NVCC Bonspiel-winning team stepping in to help team E skipped by Glenn Nash and Alf Vannet subbing for Team F skipped by another of last year’s NVCC Bonspiel-winning team Margaret Macaulay.  This game had higher scoring ends than the others but the standard of play was high with some impressive precision shots being played one after the other.  Just when one team thought they had played an unbeatable shot, the opposition would step up and match it.  The head was certainly often very full with a lot of good tactical thinking going on.  With all players doing well, it was Glenn’s slightly more experienced team E that came out on top by 7-5.

Another good night was had on ice by all with most taking advantage of the earlier start time to spent time socialising afterwards in the bar.

The scorecards will be posted within the next few days due to computer issues at this end.


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