Free BBC Curling Question and Answer Session

With the Commonwealth Games just about to start, the BBC are not forgetting the Winter Olympics and are including curling in their ‘Get Inspired Live!’ sessions this week.

This Saturday from 6pm – 7pm at BBC Quay in Glasgow there is a Question and Answer session with Olympic captains David Murdoch and Eve Muirhead being joined by Olympic commentators Jackie Lockhart and Steve Cram.

There are still some tickets left for the session and they are advertised as free and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Details can be found on the BBC website here.

olmpic rings

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Not Long Now….

The countdown is now definitely on for the start of the 2014/2015 season and no doubt the ice techs will be hard at work planning and starting the preparation work to provide us with the ice to create havoc on with lumps of granite!

Last season Robbie made it clear he wasn’t keen on sheet 7 (and after knocking myself out on it I can’t say I was either!) but a photo retrieved from the internet of said sheet perhaps shows it wasn’t in the best of shape at the end of the curling year.

meltdown rink 7It’s rather strange seeing the rink being melted down at the end of the season and I can confirm that it was not me who put that crack in the floor!

With just over a month until Braehead opens for 2014/15, it surely wont be long until we get a glimpse of what designs are in store for us this season……

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Anyone Fancy a Trip to Kazakhstan?

For any Cawder House curlers looking to save up to travel to the 2022 Winter Olympics, Kazakhstan is one of the options.

The Olympic Association have released the shortlist for the Winter Olympics and Almaty in Kazakhstan is one of the options, the other two being Beijing in China and nearer to home Oslo in Norway.

Their full release can be read here

olympic curling

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Stirling Summer Skins Curling Deadline Approaching

As far as I am aware, there hasn’t been a Cawder House member in the Summer Skins that take place in Stirling each year although I am happy to be proved wrong!

However if anyone is interested in ‘flying the flag’ this year you still have a couple of days to get your entry in as the closing date is this Tuesday. There is serious curling – well money is involved – but a lot of emphasis is put on the fun side and the outfits some of the teams come up with are eye-opening!  Perhaps those members who are also coaches might want to consider the Mr Motivator idea!


Back to being serious, further details on the Stirling Summer Skins can be found here


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Teams for 2014/15

Team DrawsIn case anyone has missed it, the provisional teams for 2014/15 are now up and can be found from the drop down menu in the ‘Teams’ section on the menu bar.

Although these are almost certain to be how the teams will line up at the start of the season they are subject to change up until the start just in case anyone has to withdraw and be replaced unexpectedly.

Time to check on who you have been drawn with and who to start ‘intimidating’ – in the usual friendly manner – on other teams!

Fixtures will be released nearer the time by our hard-working secretary Eleanor once the ice times have been confirmed.

Teamwork is apparently everything…..

Wrong rink

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Subs Procedure

One thing that caused a little bit of discussion at the Cawder House AGM at the end of last season – as well as during the season – was what the exact procedure should be with regards to subs for league games.

Things have to date been done on a bit of an ad-hoc basis with people having different understandings on how subs were arranged so to clarify the Committee have now produced guidelines.

At the AGM there were two points which were referred to the Committee to decide and clarify. Following considerable discussion, the following will apply from the next Season and will be included in the initial correspondence to all members:

1. Subs – Playing Position

As agreed at the AGM, the Management Committee has drawn up the following guidance to ensure consistency and avoid confusion when a sub is required to cover for a regular member who cannot play due to holidays, work commitments or other reasons (excluding ill-health):

  1. Approach a player named on the official subs list – even if it is the skip who is to be covered
  2. The sub plays at lead and the others move up positions
  3. A sub required because of the regular player’s ill health may play in the same position as the incapacitated player
  4. Only if no one from the official subs list is available may a regular member be contacted
  5. If after these efforts, there is no one available, a non-member may be introduced (e.g. from Virtual Club, Saturday Sweep, or another Club)

2. Subs – payment

Again, to ensure clarity, the following payments apply:

  1. Official subs will pay £5 each time they play; they will receive an invoice from the Treasurer before the end of the season
  2. Regular full-paying members will not have any additional charge
  3. Non-club members will be charged £10 and the skip is responsible for collecting this and passing it to the Treasurer
  4. If a regular member has to stand down during the season, they may be given a pro-rata refund at the discretion of the committee and an official sub may step up to fill the gap and pay the balance of the season’s ice fees.

The subs procedure can also be accessed from the drop down menu in the Teams section



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RCCC Adult Curling Camp

The RCCC are once again advertising an Adult Curling Camp to be held near the beginning of next season to allow curlers of all ages and abilities to hone up on their curling skills ahead of the new season.

Held at Stranraer, it is a two-day residential course running from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October and consists of on and off ice coaching.

Full details of the event can be found on the RCCC website here.

Those who visited the site last year or who receive the regular RCCC newsletters will recall that Glenn Nash was one of those who took part in the event last season and he felt it very helpful ahead of last season.


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