Rogues Gallery – 2014 Winners

Photos were taken of the prize winners at the AGM on Friday night.  Obviously, we start with our League winners.

P1010687Robbie, Alf, Jen and Glenn were worthy winners of the league this season.  The picture proves a theory many virtual club curlers have had for a while – skips have to have their hands in their pockets and obviously thirds only have one hand in pocket!  Congratulations to all four players on a great season.

Next up the winners of our only external trophy, the Gordon Smith:

P1010694It was a great achievement for Douglas, Jen, Eleanor and George who went to play the second leg at Hamilton with a 5 shot deficit from the first leg at Braehead. On a night where everything went right for Douglas’s side, they won 13-3 to bring the Gordon Smith back to Cawder House.

Back to the internal competitions and Robbie Stewart claimed a league double by being part of the Reverse League wining side skipped by Laurie Hunter.
P1010691Sheila Locke and Martin Isbister – who joined as a late substitute – are missing from the picture.

The Presidents Shield was played for in the first week after the Christmas break.

P10106921Skip Andy Shields had unfortunately had to leave just before the presentation but Mike Henry, Kirstie Meikle and John Young were there to accept the shield.

The final curling trophy of the night went to Alaister Muir’s team and although lead Margaret Dempster was not present, Alaister, Mike Henry and Jim Naismith picked up the silverware

P1010689There was one other award, the tankard for the golf challenge that traditionally takes part in the afternoon of the AGM for any of the golfers in the club who wish to take part.

P1010696Robbie Stewart picked the tankard up although he quickly put it down again to do a Fagin impression! (or try to make finger shadows?)  The tankard can be seen sitting behind the glass of red wine!

And so another good season for the club draws to a close – roll on August/September!

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Back to the Future – Coming Soon…..

Hollywood had Michael J Fox but at Cawder House we have Laurie Hunter!

Laurie advised at last nights AGM that he has a comprehensive history of Cawder House Curling Club dating back to inception up to the centenary and he has agreed to forward it on to be posted on the website to replace the rather inadequate page I have on currently.

From the brief chat we had it promises to be excellent reading so keep checking back for it!

circa 1900


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AGM Night

Last night saw a healthy turn out for a good-natured AGM and prize giving at Cawder Golf Club.

With the recent passing of Tom Duncan and having lost Bob Neilly earlier in the season, outgoing President Jock Fleming started off the official part of the proceedings inviting members to join in a toast to Absent Friends.

Best wishes were also sent to Jack Cameron, recovering from recent surgery and to Gordon Day who has unfortunately had to call an end to his long distinguished time on ice at the ripe young age of 83.

Moving on to the main business of the meeting, there was plenty of discussion and good-natured banter with some of the decisions passed being:

  • Ice venue of 2014/15 will continue to be Braehead
  • Jock proposed playing formats remain the same as the past season
  • Promotion and demotion will continue to be 2 up 2 down with management committee discretion still in place (for example if a potential skip puts forward a case not to be promoted)
  • The management committee will look at whether the 5 year rule should be re-introduced, limiting skips to a maximum of 5 consecutive seasons as skip
  • After a year out, the club will again enter some Province competitions
  • The management committee will decide on the skips for next season
  • The subs list will be firmed up by the management committee who will decide on what costs should be involved if a sub is called on to play, where subs come in when they play, and how to firm up the channels of communication.
  • The Committee will discuss possibly re-introducing a social night at Christmas

On the financial side, Archie kept things nice and succinct, the main points being:

  • Ice costs at Braehead have gone up 50p per person
  • It was agreed to bill for costs in two parts again next season, the start of the season and January
  • The meeting  acknowledged it should be more up front on costs for potential new members

The report on competition results is best glossed over with the exception of the Gordon Smith trophy which was won from Strathkelvin thanks to a superb win at Hamilton from the team of Douglas Locke, Jen Gamboa, George Elliott and Eleanor McDougall.

There were obviously changes on the committee front with Jock Fleming coming to the end of his tenure as President.  With the committee from last season being thanked for their excellent efforts over the season, the new incumbents are:

  • President – Alaister Muir
  • Vice Pres – George Elliott
  • Treasurer – Archie Nicol
  • Secretary – Eleanor McDougall
  • Match Secretary – Robbie Stewart
  • Committee Members – Jock Fleming, Alf Vannett, Kirstie Meikle

Other suggestions included:

  • Douglas will look into costs regarding club clothing including jumpers, polo shirts and sweat shirts
  • Games should be set up, ice allocation allowing, against Harlequins and the Virtual Club
  • Cawder House representation at Saturday Sweep and possibly games with the newer members possibly key in this

Votes of thanks were bountiful and from my dodgy memory included:

  • thanks to outgoing President Jock Fleming for his excellent work in guiding the club through two very difficult years
  • thanks to outgoing secretary Drew Jolly for all his hard work especially given his work pressures
  • thanks to Robbie Stewart for his continued work in arranging subs from out with the club and particularly in encouraging new curlers.
  • thanks to Glenn Nash for the sterling efforts he put in to help Robbie in arranging subs from out with the club from the Virtual ranks which has also had the knock on effect of new members joining
  • thanks to Jen and Matt Gamboa who joined us this season from America and brought so much enthusiasm with them
  • thank you to all the committee last season for their hard work.

I know it’s a long post – I’m female, of course I go on a bit!  It is also only my recollection so feel free to make any corrections or additions in the comments below.  A further couple of posts will be made with regards to the night including a couple of prize giving pictures in due course.

The meeting followed the traditional pre-AGM meal where all were quiet and well behaved…..





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Tom Duncan

Received from Jock Fleming, President

To all members,

Sadly I have to report that Tom Duncan died on Wednesday night.

As many of you will know he had not been well since Christmas, and had recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. He was receiving treatment for this, and appeared to be responding – but it was not to be.

His funeral is on Wednesday 9th April at Clydebank Crematorium, North Dalnotter, at 09.30 a.m. Please note that this is a different time from the announcement in the Herald, which some of you may have seen, and which said 11.30 a.m.

His wife Yvonne asked me to let you all know, and if anyone who cannot go to the funeral wishes to send a card, her address is  available from any of the committee or on the copy of this notice which you should have received by e-mail.

Jock F

Tom Duncan

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Little Lost

Cawder House took part in their last inter club game of the season at Greenacres last night, facing Howwood for the Little Quaich.

Unfortunately on the night a very inexperienced makeshift team were soundly beaten by their hosts by 12-6.  The Cawder House team struggled to suss out the ice and Kirstie’s inexperience at skip meant that they lost three big opening ends and there was to be no coming back. Jim Naismith had to leave the ice with an injury after 2 ends and we wish him a speedy recovery.

The home side, skipped by George Wills who is a member of both clubs, were very welcoming and magnanimous in victory and showed us excellent hospitality as well as encouragement.

The Quaich was presented to George Wills as winning skip at the end of the evening.

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A reminder that the AGM is fast approaching and will be held as usual at Cawder Golf Club on Friday 11th April, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

The cost is £25 per person which includes the meal with wine on the table and if anyone who plans on attending has not done so yet please advise Drew Jolly as soon as possible.

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Final League Standings

It has come round very quick but the final league games of the season have now been played and the final league standings can be seen here.

There is one game still to be played out with the league as a Cawder House team are due to take on a team from Howwood for the Little Trophy this coming Friday.

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